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Procurement Services

We provide a full sourcing and procurement service on behalf of our customers where this is required. This gives the benefit of reducing the need to manage a large vendor base along with all of the associated costs. No matter what your requirements are we will probably have been asked to source it at some time in the past. This year has included everything from a fully kitted out, customised offshore module to air freighting a delivery of tropical fish and everything in between.

Maintenance & Workshop Consumables

Tapes, Measures,Warning, Sealant, Electrical
Hand Tools
Lubricants, Aerosol, Grease
Brushes, Paint, Rollers. Trays, Scrapers
Paint, Primers, Matt,Gloss, Ball markers, Crayons, Marking
Safety signs, Rigid plastic, Adhesive, Customised
Rags, Wipes
Rope, Polyprop, String
Abrasives, Discs, Cloths
Torches, batteries
Knives, blades

PPE & Workwear

Head Protection, Helmets and Attachments, Bump caps
Face Protection, Goggles, Spectacles,Visors
Respiratory, Disposable and reusable masks
Hearing Protection, Ear Plugs, Ear muffs
Hand Protection, Gloves for General Handling and Specialist applications
Workwear, Coveralls, Trousers
Weather wear, Foul weather
Footwear, Safety Boots, Shoes, Wellingtons
Hazard Workwear, Flame retardant, Specialist, High Visibility
Disposable Coveralls,Hood, Shoe covers, Gloves
Kit bags
First Aid Kits

Environmental & Spillage Control

Sacks, Refuse , Compactor,Bin Bags
Absorbents, Kits, Rolls, Pads. Granules, Oil & General Maintenance
Waste Bins, Wheelie Bins
Compactor sacks

Lifting & Lashing

Duplex Web Slings
Ratchet Sets

Hand Tools

Tool sets, hexagon key sets, strippers, cutters, pliers, spanners, socket sets, hammers, chisels, files, scrapers, knives, Saws, Clamps, DIY Tools


Bubble Wrap
Shrink wrap, cling film
Banding Tape,Buckles
Seal bags
Tape, Labels

Office Equipment

Office furnishing, Desks, Seating
Work Stations

Catering Equipment

White goods
Disposables, Cutlery, Cups
Galley supplies
Drinks Dispensers

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